From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48:

Gusset \Gus"set\, n. [F. gousset armpit, fob, gusset, dim. of
   gousse pod, husk; cf. It. guscio shell, or W. cwysed gore,
   1. A small piece of cloth inserted in a garment, for the
      purpose of strengthening some part or giving it a tapering
      [1913 Webster]

            Seam and gusset and band.             --Hood.
      [1913 Webster]

   2. Anything resembling a gusset in a garment; as:
      (a) (Armor) A small piece of chain mail at the openings of
          the joints beneath the arms.
      (b) (Mach.) A kind of bracket, or angular piece of iron,
          fastened in the angles of a structure to give strength
          or stiffness; esp., the part joining the barrel and
          the fire box of a locomotive boiler.
          [1913 Webster]

   3. (Her.) An abatement or mark of dishonor in a coat of arms,
      resembling a gusset.
      [1913 Webster]
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