g. arabica

From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48:

Gazelle \Ga*zelle"\, n. [F. gazelle, OF. also, gazel; cf. Sp.
   gacela, Pr. gazella, It. gazella; all fr. Ar. ghaz?l a wild
   goat.] (Zool.)
   One of several small, swift, elegantly formed species of
   antelope, of the genus Gazella, esp. G. dorcas; -- called
   also algazel, corinne, korin, and kevel. The gazelles
   are celebrated for the luster and soft expression of their
   eyes. [Written also gazel.]

   Note: The common species of Northern Africa ({Gazella
         dorcas}); the Arabian gazelle, or ariel (G. Arabica);
         the mohr of West Africa (G. mohr); the Indian ({G.
         Bennetti}); the ahu or Persian (G. subgutturosa);
         and the springbok or tsebe (G. euchore) of South
         Africa, are the best known.
         [1913 Webster]
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