From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48:

kibbutz \kib*butz"\ (k[i^]b*b[oo^]ts; k[i^]b*b[=oo]ts), n.; pl.
   Kibbutzim. [Modern Hebrew kibbutz gathering.]
   an Israeli communal[2] form of agricultural settlement.
   Originally it was predominantly agricultural and practiced a
   very high level of sharing, including collective rearing of
   children. More recently (by 1998) industries have taken over
   a significant role in the Kibbutz economy, and the level of
   sharing has dropped significantly.

   Note: Of several Modern Hebrew words designating unique
         Israeli forms of agricultural settlement, only the word
         Kibbutz found its way into English. This may reflect
         the fact that the Kibbutzim, and only they, have long
         practiced hosting foreign volunteers from all over the
         world: youngsters who work on the Kibbutz not for a
         salary but for boarding and food. Many volunteers come
         from English speaking countries, and probably via them
         the word Kibbutz entered modern English dictionaries.
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