From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48:

Pomegranate \Pome"gran`ate\ (?; 277), n. [OE. pomgarnet, OF.
   pome de grenate, F. grenade, L. pomum a fruit + granatus
   grained, having many grains or seeds. See Pome, and
   Garnet, Grain.]
   1. (Bot.) The fruit of the tree Punica Granatum; also, the
      tree itself (see Balaustine), which is native in the
      Orient, but is successfully cultivated in many warm
      countries, and as a house plant in colder climates. The
      fruit is as large as an orange, and has a hard rind
      containing many rather large seeds, each one separately
      covered with crimson, acid pulp.
      [1913 Webster]

   2. A carved or embroidered ornament resembling a pomegranate.
      --Ex. xxviii. 33.
      [1913 Webster]
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