suricata suricatta

From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48:

suricat \su"ri*cat\, suricate \su"ri*cate\(s[=u]"r[i^]*k[a^]t),
   n. [F. surikate, from the native name in South Africa.]
   A South African mongooselike viverrine (Suricata suricatta
   or Suricata tetradactyla) having a lemurlike face and only
   four toes; called also mierkat, yellow mongoose and
   zenick. [Also spelled surikate.]

   Note: The animal called zenick seems also to be related to
         or identical to the mierkat, but no reference can be
         found on the internet.

   Syn: meerkat.
        [1913 Webster + WordNet 1.5]
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